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What puts a photograph in the fine-art class? That's up for discussion, but the links below include some serious contenders. These links highlight photographers who are pushing the boundaries, whether in digital or film, maybe working as much in black and white or monochrome as color.

It's tempting to think that film is dead, but these links give plenty of evidence to the contrary. Film aficionados are making pin-hole cameras and experimenting with "classic" darkroom recipes and print techniques. Check out the work of Christopher John Ball, for example. A lot of the current work in digital looks surprisingly conservative in comparison.

The schock of recognition. Tracy Schock offers moody monochromes, inventive approaches. The site includes a blog and a How-to section, plus a Guest Artist and Newsletter.

The work of Jarek Majcher. Some fine landscape work includes an extended series done in infrared (IR).

Outstanding work by Magda Marczewska, plus elegant site design, but we'd like to know a little about the photographer.

David Burdeny has developed a growing international reputation for his stunning land- and seascapes, meditative and dramatic, typically shot in low light using long exposures.

Dan Massey is working in monochromes, here, including the digital landscape shots. This is a site that's going to grow.

This is Christopher John Ball at work. He's very drawn to cyanotypes and other techniques you thought were only found in history books and museums. If you want to know how to make a pin-hole camera, or just how long to beat those egg whites for an albumen-print mix (you'll be whisking for 30 minutes), this site's for you.

Vivid, brilliant, lush are the words that come to mind when looking at these dramatic landscape and nature shots by G. Arnell Williams. A fascinating selection of quotations accompanies the images.

Working mainly in high contrast black and white, Mark Kitaoka's forte is high impact portraiture.

Judith Vejvoda brings expert technique to her expressive landscape work. Her professional background includes teaching photography in New Mexico for more than fifteen years. Judith's photographic work includes traditional black-and-white infrared panoramic landscapes, traditional black-and-white photomontage, mixed media using digital images, and experimental photographic alternative processes using digitally composed negatives.

The astonishingly versatile and inventive Dryden Goodwin works with photography, drawing, print making, video, and installations. A lot of his work is a dynamic fusion of media and genres.

Toronto based Bret Culp favors a medium format approach to landscape and nature photography, usually in black and white, with an intriguing use of grain.

Timothy Terry's TMI Galleries is a sophisticated fine-art photography site, where the sales pitch includes folios and signed limited editions.